These podcasts are packed with great content and personality to help you become all you can be. Kathlyn Hart hosts a down to earth podcast that highlights inspirational women who have made the leap into pursuing their passions. Through her adventures in finding herself and traveling, Hart started this podcast with the goal of telling the inspirational stories of female entrepreneurs and women who have taken the Big Leap and started the business of their dreams. One of the most alluring aspects of her podcasts are the frank conversations that she has with her interviewees about their lives and how they dealt with changing life plans and goals. She Did It Her Way is perfect for those who want to hear about the success of different business models and creative and successful ways of scaling your business. Unapologetically feminist, hosts Aminatou Sow, Ann Friedman and Gina Delvac have cultivated the perfect podcast for women looking to stay informed about current events and culture. Rated explicit for our candor and wit, Be Amplified:

Top 10 Podcasts You Must Listen To

When will rutting activity peak? When should I plan my rut vacation? I know many of you have been asking these questions — I have too. Sweet November will be here before you know it! In fact, according to many studies, the actual peak of breeding appears to be consistent year after year. This is why numerous studies across the northern United States and Canada looking at conception dates show very little year-to-year variation.

Best Self-Improvement podcasts (Updated November ; image) come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Amy was dating a man about 20 years ago, but broke it off to be with her now-husband.

In each episode, Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love and sex meets technology. The show tells the stories about relationships by blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction. Her show interrogates romance and human relationships in the digital age, but it does so in a manner that defies shape and form. From going on Planet Money to get dating advice from an economist, to recording her IUD insertion, the first years of Why Oh Why were full of surprising moments and conversations.

She holds the world record for most guests booked for an hour-long radio show, and that’s Will people start becoming single again in their mid s? Don’t count on it. The Best Podcasts of So Far “Andrea Silenzi’s weekly deep-dive into the emotional realities of modern love is wry, inventive, and soulful, blending real stories with dashes of fiction to create something that feels truly unique.

breakup BOOST: Let’s Talk Relationships | Breakup | Dating | Relationship Advice

These fabulous graphic design podcasts are free to download. Shares Podcasts are a great way to find out what’s going in the design world while you commute, work out at the gym, or take the dog for a walk. For those who’ve always wished they could turn on their radio and listen to people chatting about design, this post lists 15 informative, fun, and thought-provoking podcasts that every designer should be listening and subscribing to.

If web design is your thing, here’s a list of great web design podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to find out what’s going in the design world while you commute, work out at the gym, or take the dog for a walk. For those who’ve always wished they could turn on their radio and listen to people chatting about design, this post lists 15 informative, fun, and thought.

Email In December, the A. Club rounded up fifteen of their writers and collected ballots to determine the top ten podcasts of the year. They came up with a really great list—six of their picks either help me stay awake on my commute to work or motivate me to stay on the exercise bike a little longer. I listen to a lot of podcasts. I became interested in them in college when I needed something to entertain me during cross-country holiday flights.

They kept me going for the four-hundred hours I needed to complete a huge cross-stitch last year, and through an epic road trip through seventeen states this summer. So with all these things in mind, here are my ten favorite podcasts that are hosted or co-hosted by women, for your listening pleasure. Sex Nerd Sandra This sex-positive podcast comes out on Wednesdays—get it?!

The 10 best films of 2017

The creation of podcasts is relatively simple, so anyone with a good idea and some basic equipment can potentially reach this global audience. There are now many great theatre podcasts available, tackling all aspects of the industry, and they are a great, free source of information for industry professionals and students. In , we saw the launch of The Stage podcast. Launched at the Brighton Festival, with follow-up episodes at Edinburgh, it is offering some great interviews, discussions and analysis.

Alongside The Stage, here are 10 more podcasts worth listening to.

Watch video · The 10 Best Films of (in alphabetical order): Set during the early s, the French film “BPM (Beats Per Minute)” uses a predominantly documentary style .

Share on Messenger Close In pods we trust Alarm bells rang when she came home to find a strange woman in her house — and the lies kept coming. That is not the only revelation this tense unravelling gifts the listener, but it is enough to have you screaming: Listen to the episode. Chapter I From the moment the much-anticipated S-Town was released, it became the most bingeable pod of , surpassing the intrigue of Serial. Every moment is moving, anger-inducing and authentic.

Best podcasts of part 1: Ruby Wax talks about mental health and mindfulness, using her own experience as a catalyst. She predicts a future with mental Fitbits and talks a whole lot of sense. Filming custom-made clips for men with exact — and sometimes unconventional — specifications.

Pardon My Take

There is no universe that exists where you can listen to too much of this incredible show. I dare you to find a more entrancing voice out in the podsphere than that of Phoebe Judge. Readers of the Pod People, I ask you to give this incredible product of Radiotopia a listen this weekend. And as always, please e-mail any suggestions, questions, or general inquiries to podpeople pastemagazine. Animal Instincts The inaugural episode of Criminal dives deep into the question of what damage animals can do to man.

This is a labyrinthine story about a man—a lawyer—who built an elaborate theory about microscopic owl feathers.

An online dating blog that covers the topics of dating, relationships, and sex, dating profile help, fashion tips and more.

Reveal — Good journalism takes time. Good journalism takes values. Good journalism is hard to come by, which is why Reveal, hosted by Al Letson and produced by some of the most talented journalists in the biz out of the Center for Investigative Reporting, should be listened to by anyone who wants to see journalists speak truth to power. Start with the ever-so-relevant episode on Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon but don’t forget to dig way into the archives because they’ve been out there, microphones and notebooks out, for 64 episodes so far.

Suggested by Kendall Taggart, BuzzFeed staff 2. Making Oprah — This podcast works out how Oprah became not only the biggest daytime show of all time, but also a cultural phenomenon. You get sucked into listening not just because of stories about the changing media landscape and anecdotes about the show’s most memorable episodes, but also because of the enthusiasm of the host, Jenn White. This podcast desperately needs to have more than six episodes and a couple of bonus extras. Suggested by Scott Bryan, BuzzFeed staff 4.

Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy discuss a different medical ailment every week, and share the various and often ill-informed ways in which humans have attempted to treat it in the past.

Here Are the Culture Gabfest’s Favorite Podcasts

Founder of Mend, the app that helps you through a breakup. The 10 Most Intimate Podcasts About Love and Sex Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate. In very different ways, these hosts dive into the depths of their own love lives, guests answer the questions you always want to ask but never do , and no stone is left unturned.

Besides a really good ’90s song, of course.

A podcast so good, you feel like the hosts are the best friends you meet once a week for the most excellent celebrity gossip, straight talk, solid advice, and drinks.

It gives you instant access to thousands of podcasts and audio books for free. Here are six of the best podcasts to listen to this fall. It features daring and in-depth reporting, unique stories and witty, entertaining commentary. This American Life and its spinoff podcasts including the notorious Serial and S-Town have helped define the podcast form perhaps more than any others.

The Best of Car Talk Collecting every episode of the beloved public radio program Car Talk by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, this podcast features hilarious conversations with Americans from all walks of life using a mechanical or car-based inquiry as a jumping off point. She delivers witty and insightful commentary on tech and communications developments from the early days of chat and internet messaging to the world of dating apps and cat-fishing.

Welcome to Night Vale This wildly popular podcast is a portal to a mysterious world in the form of humble local news updates from the small desert town of Night Vale. This monthly series is available in archive form too, and has countless great features by Pulitzer Prize-winning editor David Remnick.

Dating: What Age is the Best to Settle Down?

The Best Podcasts for Running By Megan Harrington If you’re looking to mix things up when it comes to on-the-run entertainment, consider turning off the music and downloading a podcast, instead. With more quality audio series than ever before, these shows usually an hour or less are the perfect way to pass the miles. Tune in to an especially addictive series, and you’ll have double digits in the bag before you know it.

Read on for our best podcast picks for runners.

As such, podcasts can be an invaluable part of your toolkit. Staying up-to-date on industry trends and personalities is an essential part of being an artist. The artists, gallery owners, curators and marketing experts of the world want to share their knowledge with you and you should be listening.

Existing to Living Overcoming Deep Adversity and Rising to the Top Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex-Love Life Lessons from a People Hacker Bold Skills for Accelerated Success Approaching Life with a Bulletproof Mindset February Richard La Ruin a: Building a Life On Your Terms Build Your Business Around Yourself A Simple System for Life Transformation Wisdom to Radically Change Your Life Choose Love Over Fear

But Make It Fashion

As a potential contender, it is virtually impossible to achieve and sustain success without possessing a wealth of exceptional young talent. If an NHL organization does not retain the prospects necessary to ensure long-term prosperity, a state of perpetual ineptitude lays in wait. However, simply acquiring these prospects is half of the battle, as the efforts of each and every league franchise during the annual NHL Entry Draft has a major impact on the health of a respective farm system.

It is the best audio editing software because it has the best tools for editing and restoring poor-quality recordings. This is the only program we tested that requires a monthly subscription rather than a one-time purchase, but you can cancel at any time.

Enter your email to reset your password Or sign up using: Sign in if you’re already registered. Daskal’s programs galvanize clients into achieving their best, helping them accelerate and deliver on their professional goals and business objectives. Has become an instant best seller. Getty Images There’s a reason that podcasts are such a fast-growing medium. They’re timely, convenient–perfect length for commuting–and usually free, like a radio station you program for yourself.

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a podcast discussing it–politics, sports, history, music, language, storytelling–you name it. Unsurprisingly, business is an especially fast-growing segment. But as with anything with lots of entries, you have to sort through a lot to find the good stuff. I’ve gathered a baker’s dozen of the best business podcasts here–some you may already know and hopefully some that are new to you.


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