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Lulu App Lets Women Review Men Like Restaurants

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Mobile App Lulu Lets Women Review Men Without Their Consent. January 8, Well, take this scenario, multiply it by a thousand and you get the mobile app Lulu! This completely one-sided dating app lets women ‘review’ men they know similar to how people rate restaurants on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

How Does It Work? According to their website, the Lulu Dating App currently has more than million users, making them one of the largest online social networking and date mobile applications on the market today. This app allows users to see other available users in their area, without showing their exact location, as well as to use your favorite interests in order to find other members who share your likes and hobbies.

They do this in a specific format, allowing women to choose attributes and characteristics listed by the site — no freehand feedback can be submitted. At this point in time, the men are not allowed to provide any information on the women they know and have interacted with, nor does there appear to be a clear way for men to object to any of the reviews they are given. Mobile Options Currently this mobile application is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, with no information on whether or not they plan to expand in time.


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Free Lulu by Luluvise is all about having a little fun with your girlfriends when it comes to the guys you’re dating. This app was created by women for women and allows them to write and read reviews of guys. It also offers a location to share tips on these guys. The app is totally anonymous and private so no worries there. As well guys aren’t able to use it. This means you can lay it all out there without the worry of hurting someone’s feelings. Features of this app include the ability to browse the guys.

You can find those that live near you and have the qualities you’re looking for. Use the favorites star tool to make those that stand out to you and each time they have new information added to their profile you’ll get notified. The connections feature shows you if your happen to have any friendship connections with the guys you’re interested in. The app also gets interactive putting you in the seat as a matchmaker so you can hook all your single gal pals up.

Be sure to read and write reviews of guys from your past and present. If you’re looking for advice, get it from “The Dude” who always gives you nothing but brutal honesty.

Why date-rating app Lulu matters for women and men alike

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Why should we not also have references when it comes to the most important thing? Lulu is often called a dating app, but it is actually a rating app. Those responses are distilled into a harshly precise numerical score. Chong has shown no interest in allowing users such freedom; Lulu is an app for straight women. Why, then, has Lulu not exploited its advantage by becoming a dating service?

With this, if you market it as a service to help women or whatever, maybe more people are comfortable using it. No one who had dated him gave him a good rating, and no one who had hooked up with him gave him a good rating. She texted him some excuse and went to sleep. On her phone, she searched for a guy she knew, then pulled up his profile photo biceps, hair gel. The hashtags in blue—the ones he had chosen for himself—told more or less the same story:

Dating apps created by women: Are they really better for women?

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Onlulu Magzine – Home decor, Ideas and Tips about Decorating, Interior Design.

If all goes according to plan, this could revolutionize online dating and turn the visuals-first patriarchy of apps like Tinder on its head. You may already be familiar with Lulu, a lady-centric app that allows users to create reviews that dish the dirt on rotten guys and shower the good ones with praise-laden hashtags like SexualPanther and DoesHisOwnLaundry. Up until now, the app functioned mostly as a resource.

It was a reference tool ladies could turn to for extra info on potential mates, and then, following a gradual evolution and some key updates, a self-assessment system for curious dudes who wanted to know how they were faring with the ladies. Male users, however, can only comment on their own truth bombs. The truth bomb section of the app reads like a message board. Users are anonymous and the conversation ranges from racy and flirtatious to genuinely open and vulnerable.

Why date-rating app Lulu matters for women and men alike

Reviews of Dating Sites Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any weirder than Tinder , the addictive appearance-centric dating app Calling Lulu a dating app is a stretch, though, since there’s no actual connecting going on. What Exactly IS Lulu?

Certainly there are many, many other mobile dating applications, like the Happn Dating App, Tinder, , the app, the app, and others. If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Lulu Dating App reviews below.

From Tinder to Lulu: Paradoxically, someone who was great at dating would not need to go on many first dates. Fortunately for the rest of us, a new generation of Internet entrepreneurs has arisen to make finding love — or at least, finding someone to make out with — as easy as firing off a Snapchat. Like other dating sites, the new phone-based dating apps are their own individual world, with their own subtle rules and social mores.

The setup of traditional dating sites remains fairly similar across all platforms. OKCupid is for grad students, eHarmony is for people who want to get married, FarmersOnly is for, well, you get it. They basically help people find dates. One Wired article narrowed it down to a few simple tips. Everyone should take up — or at least, be seen taking up — surfing and yoga. Due to this feature, Tinder is succeeding with women turned off by traditional dating sites. The mechanics are simple: This is another reason Tinder is popular with women: It lets them be just as shallow about online dating as men traditionally have been.

Like Snapchat, Tinder has a reputation for being all about sexting — which is quickly disproven by using it.

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