Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now Unfortunately, GM engineers also added a few hurdles just to make this swap game more challenging. On the original small-block and big-block Chevy engines, the crankshaft flange extends 0. This is the critical differential measurement that defines all the other modifications we have to make to adapt earlier transmissions. This means now we have three separate crank flanges: This places the clutch and pressure plate surface at the correct height so you can either bolt on a new clutch and pressure plate assembly or use a Gen I clutch and pressure plate assembly you already have. Before we bolt on the bellhousing, there is one other crucial step that must not be overlooked. It should be common knowledge that a pilot bushing positioned in the end of the crankshaft supports the transmission input shaft, preventing deflection when the clutch is disengaged. In our trans-swapping effort, remember that while the depth of our bellhousing is the same as with a Gen I engine, the crankshaft flange is 0. Since the input shaft length on our traditional four-speed or five-speed transmission has not changed, we also have to move the position of the pilot bushing rearward to compensate for the discrepancy.

LS1 into a third gen Swap Guide

Note that in older GM Vehicles, the ignition wire in the engine compartment White cloth covered is not a volt source. The most common spot to find this type of power is in the factory chassis fuse box. They get connected to the large stud on the starter, which should have battery power. The further from the engine the sensors are installed the more time the sensors will take to heat up and put the engine in closed loop.

Mar 15,  · There is good reason why GM quit locking the transmission up in 3rd gear when TBI came around. If you are in a rush, just hook up the 4th gear lockup as I described above, and call her good! Russell, Mar 14,

The venerable TH saw duty in some of GM’s most prestigious hot rods and is strong enough for most non big-block applications. However, its R4 replacement had one thing that its precursor didn’t: With today’s emphasis on fuel economy and a comfortable ride, it should come as little surprise that so many are turning to this fairly simple and inexpensive swap. Transmission Selection In stock form, the R4 is capable of handling around foot-pounds of torque.

The and later R4s are stronger than older units, and 4L60Es from and later which are internally almost identical to the R4 are a good option if you don’t mind electronic controls. Drive Shaft If your original TH came with a 6-inch tail shaft, you’ll have to cut the drive shaft by 3 inches. If your old transmission had a 9-inch tail shaft, then the drive shaft should fit. The R4’s drive shaft yoke is identical to the TH ‘s, so your old yoke should work nicely with the new transmission.

Bolt Pattern The R4 was produced after all of GM’s engines went to the “corporate” Chevy pattern, which means that the transmission has a standard small-block Chevy bolt pattern. You’ll also have to move the cross-member by 2 to 3 inches, depending on stock location. Engine Links You can reuse the rear passing gear throttle kickdown cable bracket on the engine and carburetor if you have the original carb. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock fuel mixer, you’ll need a throttle kickdown adapter bracket fitted to the transmission.

This bracket helps to correct for the aftermarket carb’s longer throttle levers, preventing a hard, light kickdown.


The easy guide to swapping a 4L80E and ditching the fragile 4L60E in the process Justin Cesler Sep 11, Share View Full Gallery Whether you are a full-size truck owner looking to do some hauling on the weekends or an F-body enthusiast looking to do some hauling on weekends, you will eventually end up in a position where upgrading your stock transmission becomes a priority. For the working man looking to tow, pull, or haul heavy loads, having a stout transmission means having peace of mind on those long hauls and being able to tow a boat behind your 4.

For the car crowd, a quality transmission needs to shift hard, hold big power, and take a beating run after run. Unfortunately, General Motors didn’t exactly outfit many of our favorite cars with the strongest of factory units and many an “old timer” in the LS game can probably tell you a horror story or three of the ol’ 4L60E giving up the ghost in a variety of situations. There is the common ” flare,” where the transmission just can’t quite grab Third gear under power, the less popular but even worse ” rev-limiter showdown,” and the least favorite of all, “my transmission goes into drive and does nothing at all but free rev Well, obviously, you could rebuild it and add new hard parts to get it to shift better.

Apr 18,  · The elec parts in a r4 controls the lock up torque converter only. Yes you can use that trans in older cars.. You don’t even have to fool with hooking up the lock up Status: Resolved.

Why is my engine running rich and my mixture screws do not have effect? Answer The first thing you need to check is your float level. No fuel should run from the sight hole unless you shake the vehicle. Next check the engine vacuum at idle. Anything below 12″ divide in half. For example 9″ vacuum will use a 4. Another possible cause associated with performance camshafts are exposed transfer slots. You should not see more than. How do I tell what size power valve I need?

LS Engine Swap Transmission Guide

We offer several versions of this trans for applications up to horsepower. This trans has a low first gear ratio of 3. This trans was built with a Chevy only bolt pattern, but we have a package for Buick, Olds, Pontiac, and Cadillac people so you can enjoy the benefits of this excellent transmission too. We also provide a custom rebuild service for those interested in keeping the original trans but need an upgraded version to handle additional power mods.

Tips for a Transmission Swap to R4 by Richard Rowe The TH (Turbo-Hydramatic ) and THR4 (Turbo-Hydramatic R4) can be thought of as relatives of .

The most popular swaps continue to be the R4 and the R4, both of which are good choices and have their advantages. The physical swaps are straightforward, but the one component that still mystifies many people is the throttle-valve T. When connected to the throttle linkage mechanism, a correctly set up T. Designing a pulling arm on your carburetor’s linkage that pulls the T. The challenge really begins when you want the transmission to behave in a specific manner.

The physical dynamics of this cable pull can vary radically with different pulling-arm designs which control the rate of plunger travel speed just off idle and determine the shift timing and shift feel of the transmission. We started by removing the carburetor and gaskets and cleaning the intake surface.

TH350 to 700R4 swap

I’m wondering if I can put this engine in a newer Chevy K with a bad I would like to have a extended cab with back doors or a 4 door pickup. If I can, what year can I go up to? What will I have to swap on the engine? Thanks for any help! Things that affect oil pressure are the weight of the oil used, temperature of the engine, engine rpm, clearances in the oil pump, the screen on the oil pick up, pressure relief valve, cam and crank bearing clearances.

Mar 02,  · Hello. New guy here. I am about to pick up a LS V8 out of Chevy Suburban with , miles for $ and a R4 from a S10 Blazer with 90, miles for $

The oil pan and gasket to the housing are a 16 bolt pattern. The 2 wheel drive version had a longer tail shaft than the 4 wheel drive version. The tail shaft is attached to the main case by 4 bolts. The following are example clips from the “4L60E Automatic Transmission Rebuilding” video, which is almost identical and can be used for rebuilding a TH R4 tranny. Click the thumbnail images on the right of the player to select a video.

Rebuilding Before you get started rebuilding your transmission, you’ll need a few parts and tools. You’ll need the appropriate transmission rebuild kit for your R4. Depending on what type of kit you buy, it should come with at least new steels and frictions. Usually included are all the bands, clutches, seals, sealing rings, gaskets and a filter and drain plug.

Most higher end rebuild kits will include a new shift kit as well. The better kits will include new valves and valve springs for the valve body too.

LS Swap Automatic Transmission Guide

It practically droped right in. The mount is in the same place as the Turbo so it was a simple job to slide the mount back and use the holes that were already there. As Dale said the R is the same length and the yoke fits too.

May 04,  · I have a 93 Chevy C with a 5 speed I want to put a R4 that I have in there but I need to know how to wire it in there a plug with 3 wires coming ou R4 trans wiring: (the tan/black) and take it to ground; forget about hooking it to the computer all together. The pressure switch inside the trans will delegate when to lock-up the.

My entire plan is to grab my dads drive train just for the hell of it. He bought the truck when I was born almost 19 years ago now and he’s tired of it so he is parting it out but I’m taking the drive-train. I am going to go ahead and rebuild that , not sure how bad it actually is but I know it has had a piston slap for while so I imagine it will need to be bored a little.

I’m pretty good when it comes to older chevy motors and I figure why not go ahead and make the tbi motor carbureted build it how I know, drop it in my camaro and start building that LT1 how I really want to. I know most people might think it is a waste but it will allow me to keep driving my car and be able to dump the money into the LT1. I really think this will be my best bet instead of trying to rig things, I really want to do this car right, unlike what I used to do with the lifted chevys I drove in high school.

I think it sounds like a plan Quote: Originally Posted by kwacasey View Post I have a 93 Z28, so if you go ahead and decide to make the r4 swap and need some pics for reference or anything like that please feel free to contact me. I just pulled and rebuilt my 4L60, which is very similar to your r4, think 4L60E with a r4 valve body. If you use the r4 get the electrical plug if you can as you will need to convert it to work with your current wiring.

Carburetor technical support

Garrett March 2, at 7: And would i be able to mix 93 pump gas with the e85? Jeremiah March 11, at 1: You can either use unleaded fuel or you will be replacing a bunch of oxygen sensors.

Mar 31,  · I’d honestly rather swap transmissions than regear at this point, because if i swap to ‘s i’m still gonna end up with a dead R4 (it’s definitely not the same trans that it was pre-lift and tires) so with a i can keep the ‘s and they would be .

First thing you need is obviously an engine and transmission. All LS engines are externally the same regardless of origin. Whether it be from a truck, F body, Corvette, or GTO, they are all the same architecture, although there are vast differences in accessory drives, intake manifolds, and oil pan configurations. Being that the fourth gen and third gen f-bodies are so similar in so many ways, it is by far the easiest to swap a complete fourth gen f-body LS1 drop-out into your third gen.

The accessory drives all fit under the hood and the oil pan clears. Truck engines offer only a usable long block and wiring harness as the oil pan, accessories, and intake manifold all need to be changed to fit into the third gen engine compartment. Corvette oil pans also do not fit and although the accessories fit it is not as good a match as a fourth gen set up. At the present time we are not certain of GTO pieces, so if you go this way post up your results.

Worth noting that Corvettes use a transaxle set up so the engine is all that is usable.

Carburetor technical support

When the brakes are applied the relay switches to pin 87 and the circuit is broken, thus unlocking the torque converter. A common Bosch-type relay used. If you do not understand basic wiring, get help from someone who does or research it first. It’s not rocket science. The Relay Applications Guide under ‘Resources’ below has the required info, for example. When pressure is applied, the switch closes the internal contacts to complete the circuit.

TH to R4 Conversion 66 Beaumont/Chevelle. Members Login; Login with Facebook | Login so hook-up is easy. You can wire it to a toggle, or get a vaccum operated switch so it shifts at a certain vaccum. Some older cars had this set-up. I am not done mine yet, but this is what I .

By Rick Seitz August 01, In the hot rodding community, the transmission can sometimes become a neglected component in the driveline. Everybody has their own idea of the perfect transmission, and in many cases they may be accurate depending on their application. I recommend using a high-capacity pan and a transmission cooler for performance-built transmissions. Think of it as cheap insurance. In fact, some of the quickest and most consistent bracket racers rely on a slushbox to achieve their goals.

All three of these gearboxes have earned their stripes over the years, particularly the TH as the unit to rely on in a purpose-built drag car. Even the late-model LS guys have been seen rocking the classic TH on occasion.

700R4 and Back-Up Light Operation

If possible have rear wheels raised when you’re ready to start car for first time. Put 6 quarts of fluid in the transmission then start with the shifter in neutral. Beware the wheels may spin! Now add fluid until it is full total will vary but usually it’s between 9. Then run the car through the gears several times with wheels raised.

Setting The Transmission Kickdown On TH, TH, And R4. HolleyPerformance. +OneBad88S10 Let a trans mechanic set up the TV cable. if you mess it up, ur r4 will be burned up in miles. first you hook up these fukin brackets then put the cable in, for insurance reasons take you shit to a tranny shop and have them burn up your.

There’s only one answer. Reno, Nevada, of course This show is all about cruisin’ and fun in the summer sun the way they did it in the ‘s and ‘s in Reno. This is a car town and they know how to throw a party. You can follow all the action at our ClassiCarNews blog page. Be sure to bookmark it as it will be updated in real time with photos and videos all weekend.

How to understand ’80’s Silverado/Sierra TCC lockup

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